“Eventlotse” brings structure to the event hub of Hamburg Hamburg, 7 June 2016

Hamburg is in vogue with venues like the Rathausmarkt, the HafenCity terraces, the open spaces in front of the cruise centres and of course the Reeperbahn being highly sought-after by event planners. Year after year, this poses a big challenge for the city, venue providers and organisers alike. The Hamburg Convention Bureau GmbH (HCB) has now launched the innovative online “Eventlotse Hamburg” tool, designed to provide operational and administrative support for all involved parties and which has the potential to spread events out over the calendar and thus prevent date clashes between major city events right from the planning stage.

A suitable venue is key for the success of an event seeking to achieve a national and international reputation. Finding such a venue is often a long, laborious process for organisers and providers alike: Many open-air spaces have various providers and contacts and each venue has different requirements, rules and features which need to be complied with.

All venue information under one roof

With Eventlotse Hamburg, the HCB has developed a tool designed to simplify dealings between organisers, providers and the permit-issuing authorities and reduce unnecessary work. The online platform provides an overview of around 40 open-air spaces available in the city, shows information on each venue’s usage conditions and navigates you directly to the right contact. This aid minimises administrative request, taking the pressure off providers and optimising organisers’ work.

Scheduling five years in advance – the internal planning tool

Eventlotse’s internal planning tool, which now provides a schedule for Hamburg public events, is another innovation. The tool is exclusively designed for organisers and providers involved with organising major events in Hamburg, providing them with an overview of planned or scheduled events over the next five years. This increases transparency for city events over the long-term. By potentially reducing date clashes, the city’s event calendar can be co-ordinated accordingly and can make organisers aware of venues other than the premium spaces (the particularly popular venues in Hamburg’s inner-city). An increase in the attractiveness and popularity of other Hamburg districts may be a positive side effect of this.

Thorsten Kausch, CEO of the Hamburg Convention Bureau and Hamburg Marketing GmbH, has been impressed by the service platform: “In developing Eventlotse, we have created an online tool which will give Hamburg a sustainable structure as a long term events hub. The platform can have a noticeable, positive impact over the medium and long-term, making our city more attractive and liveable. It creates more transparency, takes the pressure off those involved and optimises planning in daily business – another plus for Hamburg as an international destination.”

Talking about the tool, Falko Droßmann, Head of the Hamburg-Mitte District Office, said: “As our district hosts the most events, we particularly hope organisers will become aware of many other equally suitable spaces in the city, ensuring better, more spaced out scheduling. One such example is the NDR summer tour, which draws the same large crowds in every district as the downtown events.”

Further development – better service

The Eventlotse Hamburg version launched on 8 June is a beta version which is set to be drastically further developed and expanded over the coming years – with the support of all participating Hamburg institutions - and thus be of even greater use to Hamburg.
Eventlotse is available from the Hamburg Convention Bureau site (www.hamburg-convention.com) or directly through www.eventlotse.hamburg starting from 8 June.