New Hamburg Events Committee cycle Hamburg, 22 July 2016

The new cycle for submitting major events plans to the Hamburg Events Committee started on 11 July 2016. Organisers wishing to host an event at Hamburg’s premium locations are asked to submit their event plan(s) for assessment online by 10 October 2016. This applies to all events planned at the relevant Hamburg venues between 1/4/2017 and 31/3/2018.

It is important to note that the Events Committee does not replace the final mandatory official approval process or the bilateral agreement with the respective providers. The approvals are issued by the institutions responsible for the venues. In addition to submitting their plan to the Hamburg Events Committee, organisers are also asked to apply to the relevant providers.

The Hamburg Events Committee was founded in 2009. Its task is to pool event proposals, which have been submitted before the official approval process and which relate to the use of particularly popular public event spaces, and to assess them based on general municipal criteria, timing and suitable space. It then provides a recommendation for the event.

Further information on the Events Committee, including an overview of the premium venues, can also be found under “Various information” in the Service section.
Event Committee applications are submitted through the calendar of Eventlotse’s internal planning tool.