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Hamburg’s many facets are particularly attractive to event organisers. But whether it be a large function with thousands of visitors in the city centre or a smaller event in an unconventional locations, a suitable space needs to have been found right at the start of the planning phase.

Eventlotse provides an overview of open public and private spaces right across the city with comprehensive information on size, flooring, surrounding area, logistics, security/safety and other factors such as the provider’s contact details. This concise overview also helps organisers prioritise suitable spaces for their event and rule out inappropriate ones before any enquiries or approval processes, making the venue search a form of non-bureaucratic support for providers, authorities and organisers in Hamburg.

Eventlotse is not intended for booking venues but rather serves as an information platform and mediates between event organisers and venue providers. When an event organiser is interested in a venue, they will always need to contact the provider themselves and submit an application.

The Service section contains information, links and documents which may assist you with your event planning and management.

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Heiligengeistfeld 2017

Hamburg, 15 March 2017

Due to extensive detection of explosives and restoration work, the availability of space on the Heiligengeistfeld is very limited. There is none available for 2017. Any availability of partial spaces on the Heiligengeistfeld in 2018 is projected to be decided in October 2017.

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Partial Heiligengeistfeld Space Usage in 2017

Hamburg, 21 December 2016

The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (FHH), represented by the State Ministry for Economy, Transportation and Innovation (BWVI), will make partial spaces of the Heiligengeistfeld, one of the most popular event areas of the city, available for a brief period in 2017 in return for a usage fee. The usage availability that is currently very limited due to extensive detection of explosives and restoration work will be expanded from 12 September until 16 October 2017.

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New Hamburg Events Committee cycle

Hamburg, 22 July 2016

The new cycle for submitting major events plans to the Hamburg Events Committee started on 11 July 2016. Organisers wishing to host an event at Hamburg’s premium locations are asked to submit their event plan(s) for assessment online by 10 October 2016. This applies to all events planned at the relevant Hamburg venues between 1/4/2017 and 31/3/2018.

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“Eventlotse” brings structure to the event hub of Hamburg

Hamburg, 7 June 2016

Hamburg is in vogue with venues like the Rathausmarkt, the HafenCity terraces, the open spaces in front of the cruise centres and of course the Reeperbahn being highly sought-after by event planners. Year after year, this poses a big challenge for the city, venue providers and organisers alike. The Hamburg Convention Bureau GmbH (HCB) has now launched the innovative online “Eventlotse Hamburg” tool, designed to provide operational and administrative support for all involved parties and which has the potential to spread events out over the calendar and thus prevent date clashes between major city events right from the planning stage.

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Andrea Schmidt
Hamburg Convention Bureau GmbH

Tel 0049 40 300 51 413

With sound expertise in large events, the Hamburg Convention Bureau advises organisers of open-air events when it comes to finding just the right venue and acts as an impartial port of call for efficiently mediating relevant contacts.

Hamburg Convention Bureau also coordinates the Events Committee in close cooperation with Hamburg institutions. As a recommendatory board, it support the providers of central premium public venues before the official approval process even begins. The aim is to enhance the quality of event implementation and identify suitable venues and time frames in order to avoid event overlaps.