Events Committee

Hamburg and its spaces provide an attractive stage for all kinds of public events. This is proven by the growing demand from organisers, especially for inner-city locations. These events simultaneously have an effect on aspects such as townscape, local residents and traffic. As such, they are increasingly the subject of controversial discussions on the pros and cons of a high concentration of events, particularly in the centre of a lively, dynamic city like Hamburg. The Hamburg Events Committee was founded in 2009 to respond to this.

The process is co-ordinated by the Hamburg Convention Bureau GmbH in close co-operation with the Office for Business, Transport and Innovation, the Altona and Hamburg-Mitte District Offices, and HafenCity Hamburg GmbH. The committee’s task is to pool event proposals which have been submitted before the official approval process and which relate to the use of particularly popular public event spaces (“premium” spaces), and to assess them based on general municipal criteria. It then provides a recommendation for the event.

The objective is to provide external counselling for the approval-issuing institutions to increase the attractiveness of events for Hamburg and its people at the city’s popular spaces and to prioritise events before the approval process. Organisers wishing to host an event at the city’s premium locations listed below are asked to submit their plans to the committee, which then assesses them in terms of their general municipal relevance. In doing so, the committee, in the form of an advisory board consisting of city institutions, provides mere recommendations regarding general municipal relevance, timing and suitable spaces.

Please note that the Hamburg Events Committee does not replace any official approval processes required or the bilateral agreement with the respective providers.
The approvals are issued by the institutions responsible for the spaces. Organisers are asked to lodge an application with the relevant provider, in addition to submitting their plan to the Hamburg Events Committee.

Further information
Further information on the committee, including an overview of premium spaces, is also available under "Various information" in the Service section.

Committee applications are lodged through the planning tool’s calendar.
Please note that this information is only available in German, due to the fact that they are official documents which can only be provided and edited in German. The content entered by you must also be in German in order for it to be processed by the relevant authority.