Planning tool

Hamburg’s many facets and great attractiveness make it very popular for all kinds of events, including at open-air spaces. But it’s not just the “premium” venues which provide appealing event locations. The eight urban districts of the Hanseatic City offer a number of options for holding events of all sizes. The planning tool now enables organisers to enter planned events in a calendar exclusively for organisers and venue providers for dates up to five years away to assist with internal planning. Precise date information and choice of space allows overlaps, clashing events or other factors to be shown in an overview.

Please also note that this information is only available in German, due to the fact that they are official documents which can only be provided and edited in German. The content entered by you must also be in German in order for it to be processed by the relevant authority.

Entering events into the calendar is purely for internal schedule overviews and planning. It does not result in the space being booked or reserved. The entry similarly does not replace any official approval processes required for each planned event or the bilateral agreement with the respective providers.
The approvals are issued by the institutions responsible for the spaces. As such, an application must be lodged with the relevant providers, in addition to the entry in the planning tool.

This section is reserved exclusively for organisers, providers and institutions involved with major public events in Hamburg. Registration thus requires an event to be entered by the organiser.

If the event has been approved by the relevant authority, it and the basic details entered are automatically lodged in the Hamburg Tourismus GmbH events database, and thus advertised publicly.